Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Sorry for the slow down, were entering a busy time of year for me at work - all the more because I'm getting ready to head to a new job in the next month or so - which will require me to get more regular with my bento - as there is no cafeteria in the building.

Nonetheless, tonight I made cornbread from scratch. Why did I never know how to do that before? Awesome! Also on view, leftover rotisserie chicken, stir fried vegetables in soy-maple-ness and cranberry sauce for the dude.


wendy said...

Was your cornbread as good as that mix you guys bought? With the little corn kernels in it? If it is, I want the recipe!! I love cornbread.

Canadian Bento said...

It was pretty good - not quite as light and rich as that one, but pretty good. Also, non-dairy, which was nice for Ron.

Shorty said...

A fellow bento - and i'm not too far away from you (near Hull)!

I love making cornbread! You can make it sweet or spicy...or shapes!

nakji said...

Oh my god, that looks gooooddd. I miss rotisserie chickens. :(